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Rules and approved links


1. To be listed you must provide a link back to Toon Search.

2. No blind links. Linkback must be visible somewhere on your site

3. Only appropriate legal sites will be accepted. No adult, or hate sites.

4. Sites containing redirects, malware, adware zango and other unscrupulous scripts will not be listed.

5. Only sites related to Cartoons, comics and humor will be considered for inclusion in the directory. But you may still become a link partner simply by adding a link back to Toon Search and we will add you to our referrers list.

6. We reserve the right to remove any site breaking these rules.

This is a human edited directory and we take the time to review each site and manually take screenshots of every site. This takes time and effort on our part and we expect that you will respect this and not abuse our hospitality by removing your links after we add your site. Sites that play dirty in the persuit of page rank will be deleted, blacklisted and reported to other webmasters and peers in the industry.

If you send return traffic your site will be added to our referrers traffic exchange program and your site will also appear on the left side of every page traffic/depending.

If you have any questions comments or concerns, please dont hesitate to contact us at
admin [at]

Links and Banners

Please use one of the links below by cutting and pasting the supplied html code into your site. Then press the Add Site link at the top menu on any page to list your cartoon site in our directory. We recomend that you download and serve our banners from your site.

Toon Search

Toon Search

Toon Search

Toon Search

Our Refferers System

If you would like to trade traffic with Toon Search as a link partner you may do so simply by adding a link on your site pointing to Toon Search. No special code is needed, our script will detect your traffic referrals and your site will appear on the left side of every page if your in the top 50 referrals and all sites will be displayed on the All Referrers page. We do have to approve the trade though so please be patient. Feel free to send us an email to help speed the process.

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